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With Ambianz Contest Marketing everyone wins, beginning with you. Whether your starting with 100 or 100,000 Facebook likes, a carefully planned contest can increase those numbers and many more. In addition to increasing the number of people who interact with your brand, a contest provides a means to deepen the connection with them as well.

With the lure of a prize, many people are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry process. This data will be invaluable to you and your companies future marketing and email marketing efforts. In addition to collecting data as part of the entry process, you can also learn a great deal from the interaction and conversation that takes place around your contest, so be sure to listen in and keep a close eye on social media pages.

Ambianz has become one of the best contest marketing providers in the city of toronto and is one of the only providers to offer both, online contest marketing solutions as well as store front contest marketing kiosks.

Research, conducted by social intelligence company Syncapse, concluded that the value of a Facebook like in todays world amounts to $174.17, which i can tell you is far less than our monthly contest marketing package, and trust us, you’ll be getting a lot more than just one extra LIKE per month. Call us today and give it a try, the first month is on us.

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