These days it seems like everyone is just getting busier and busier. It also seems like they are getting more and more curious. Whatever the reason may be, it is clearly evident over the World Wide Web that people want answers to all sorts of things, fast! What better way to find the answer to one’s questions then by searching the most massive collection of information in the history of mankind?

Internet search has been growing at an exponential rate during the past several years. Their ease-of-use, very ethical services and speed all contribute to their vast success. People can now be quickly connected with companies that sell the product or service they require. This is why almost every online company since the dotcom bubble has been trying to market themselves over internet search engines.

The problem is that the world’s largest search engines have built a trust by their users. This trust is so strong that no amount of money will persuade them to boost any specific company higher than any other. While maintaining this honest and ethical approach, companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing do give out ideas and recommendations to improve a website’s status in their systems. Thousands of companies also claim that they have found things like “the secret to Google” or “hacks to get 1st on Yahoo” and they attempt to sell their ideas.

Of course all of these tactics are nothing but hokum. An honest and authentic approach is the only way to win that top position you have always wanted. We believe that at AMBIANZ INC we have that approach, optimization.


Our expert online marketing team has a proven track record of achieving top results by attracting value visitors that increase your bottom line and business growth.

Unlike other online marketing companies, our results speak for our quality and expertise in the field. We don’t simply go after ‘ranking’ your website for just any search terms, but through proper research and analysis, we rank your website for terms that will get the highest conversion rates.

At Ambianz we provide a whole host of online marketing services meant to drive traffic to your site and to drive up your sales, including viral video production, social network development and management, targeted email marketing and SEO/SEM.
We have an annual registration fee for clients. This fee will cover all your visits for one full year and includes fluoride treatments, polishing, desensitizing, and up to four x-rays.

What is Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is described as a means of improving a website’s ranking and quality of traffic through methods which are organic. Organic in this instance means in an ethical manor, by “following the rules.”

In our experience, these organic optimization methods work infinitely better than the scams mentioned above. This is because if a search engine ever senses it is being scammed, the immediate reaction is to remove the specific website, and that company’s rank is lost forever.

AMBIANZ INC has an approach to optimization that will dramatically better the quality and quantity of traffic your website is currently receiving. It only takes a matter of weeks to tweak your website so that search engines boost its ranking. We have a specialized method by which we go through each and every page of your website and make search-engine friendly alterations, keeping the complete functionality of your services intact.
Your users won’t even notice a thing, but the search engines will. IN a matter of days you will actually see your website go up numbers. And of course, we will always be connected with you every step of the way to answer questions you may have.

You are the best at what you do and you know that, why shouldn’t the search engines. Get connected with users that are actually looking for the services you have to offer. See your Return On Investment boom as your rankings increase.

Ambianz Search Optimization Services include:

  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Submission to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Link Building to establish standards of popularity
  • Robots file and XML Sitemaps for search engines
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with Social Media channels
  • Setup and track contact form completion via Google Analytics
  • Site updates and recommendations
  • On-page optimization, including title, meta and image tags
  • Content recommendations
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