One of the most powerful new tools that rapid growth in technology has brought us is animation. With today’s computing capabilities, animation makes it possible to create remarkable, creative scenes in internet video.

With animation anything is possible, the only limits are what your imagination is capable of. This quality makes animation capable of communicating with people on a much deeper level. Animation in internet video has seen tremendous growth and success in recent years. You’ve probably heard of some huge hits online such as Dumb Ways to Die, Charlie The Unicorn and The Duck Song. Just these 3 videos have achieved well over 300 Million views worldwide.

Many companies are starting to take advantage of the power of animated web video to promote their products, services, stores and ideas. Google, Amazon, Microsoft and SAP, among others have all launched highly successful internet video campaigns solely based on animation.

AMBIANZ has been involved with animation for many years and we’ve seen it’s exponential rise online. The simpler the medium for communicating a message, the more effective it is and this is truer nowhere else than with animation.

Engage your audiences with a whimsical, creative and artistic form of internet video that’s seen remarkable success in recent years. Use the power of animated web video to dramatically improve all aspects of your social media marketing plan, including sharing, interaction, loyalty and conversions.Oxford_Photos_009

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