Radio & Podcasting

Radio & Podcasting

It’s clear that radio is still an alive and highly competent player in communications and media. Many people are still much more engaged with radio advertising than other advertising forms because of its auditory appeal.

AMBIANZ specializes in producing high-quality radio ads through compelling scripts, engaging sounds and music, and practical deployment strategies. We can help you create an immersive radio ad that really speaks to your target audience, and leads them to take action.

Podcasting is the radio of the future. This new technology is on the rise and contains an abundance of opportunities for engaging with your listeners at anytime. The nature of podcasts allows people to listen to them at anytime, anywhere.

Podcasting can make your message pervasive, wherever people are listening. You can use podcasts to record entertaining segments, information, advice and ideas for your listeners with a much higher level of effectiveness and conviction.
Oxford_Photos_009Using the power of RSS, you can instantly let your listeners know when you’ve created a new podcast and it can then instantly and automatically be downloaded to their computers and mobile devices. Podcasting and RSS allows you to maintain a powerful connection with your listeners at their own convenience.

Take advantage of podcasting today. We can set up a podcasting channel for you quickly and begin distributing it through popular providers such as iTunes, Android and iOS. We can also develop a podcasting theme, music, sound effects and template that’s customized to fit your unique needs. Get in touch to find out more.

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