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In modern day-to-day use of the internet, more people are beginning to take advantage of the thousands of Web Applications commercially available, and why shouldn’t they? Web Applications are easy-to-use, universally accessible, extremely user-friendly, and are usually available for use free-of-charge. AMBIANZ INC has been developing web-based applications and programs for over 10 years. We use only the most state-of-the-art tools to design applications which are not only very stable, but also very innovative. Our web-based applications are able to perform milestones on a daily basis for our clients. They can sort out large amounts of company data, mark down important dates and times and send reminders to employees, etc. The types of applications we create range from things such as online catalogues and shopping carts to backdoor data entry interfaces for use by company staff. Every company is unique and all have different demands. Some require application development which focuses on security and reliability, while others need programs which are more flexible and user-friendly. AMBIANZ INC promises to tailor to every specific requirement with excruciating detail when designing your web-based application. There are two main types of Web Applications we develop. The first is Commercial Web Applications, which are created for use by the customers of our clients. The second is Corporate Web Applications, which are designed for use by company personnel only. Commercial Web Applications Commercial web applications allow your users to perform tasks such as online chatting, keeping track of important dates, browsing through an online store, locating places on a map, etc. What is the main aspect about these applications to love is the fact that all of the content is available to users wherever and whenever they have access to the internet. This provides companies with an enormous amount of business opportunities through online communication! There are many intelligent entrepreneurs out there with amazing ideas such as you. Each of them requires a specific portal of communication between them and their potential customers. This “portal” must be able to perform tasks such as showcase products and services, display the latest news about the company, allow for there to be interaction between the salesmen and customer etc. This is the true basis of what a web-based application really is, a “portal” between company and client. Of course this portal just like any web application is unique for each company. Some require a simple online catalogue while others want to provide there users with the ability to keep certain information organized and universally accessible. Nevertheless, AMBIANZ INC can meet the requirement, keeping your 100% satisfaction intact. Commercial Web Applications are developed with your clients in-mind. We are sure to design them so they are very flexible, user-friendly and universally available. They can be designed in multiple languages or even in multiple versions to allow your customer to choose which is truly easy for them to work with. It’s all about YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS’ satisfaction. Corporate Web Applications Large corporations and companies have taken advantage of Corporate Web-Based Applications in order to streamline workflows and enable employee’s access to important information anywhere they go. Database search engines, online company presentations and meetings, and online catalogues and stores are examples of common web applications designed for company staff and personnel. They make communicating ideas and tasks much easier and more organized. Everyone working inside the company has access to these applications, reducing the likeliness of error to almost nothing. A Web-based application tailored for your specific company needs could put an end to all hassles and problems you may face. AMBIANZ INC has assisted many small-to-medium sized businesses by developing a custom web-based application for them. The kinds of apps we have worked on are reservation/booking engines, company task calendars, promotional material generators, auto-newsletter programs, online catalogues, etc. Years of expertise and experience have given our team not only the skills they need to get the job done, but a sense of exactly what it is you the client want out of your web-based application. Corporate Web-Based applications also come with the advantage of being very light and universally-accessible. It does not take a huge investment on your part in order to maintain a web-based application. In fact because the program is usually located on your own website servers, the maintenance costs are virtually nothing. Also, the most remarkable aspect of any web-based application is that you and your employees can access the data anytime, anywhere. No one is limited to what information they have in their inbox. Businesses today require a lot in order to stay stable and prosper in the economy. There must be constant communication between employees and management, not to mention that just about every aspect of the business must be organized for everything to flow. It takes a great deal of work throughout the years if all is not correctly maintained from the get-go.

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